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Why to be naked?

Most are naked when they go to bed. Some are naked when they sleep. You can just be naked when you feel it naturally.

You may be completely natural naked - simply free of clothes - without putting anything more complicated or sexual in it. It can be a big surprise to be naked with others the first time. But most people quickly forget the uncertain sense of nudity and it becomes a strange experience that they want to repeat. For some, it's simply being free of clothing when it's inconvenient or comfortable to be naked. It can be like winter baths, on the beach in summer or at home in the garden. For some, social nudity means a change in their relationship to their own body and to the diversity of others. For many, it gives increased self-esteem to have a relaxed relationship with their body. Many people experience greater openness and honesty with other people and become more social and happy. It can strengthen the identity of experiencing itself without a facade of clothing. Together with other naked ones, you will be aware of the incredible variety of bodies - and you find that the few are similar to Miss Universe! Social nudity can become a lifestyle for mental health.

Common to all who enjoy being naked is the experience of freedom by being free from clothes and for the narrow definition of the body as a sexual object. Freedom to just be without "additives". Freedom to meet others as they are. One can be naked in all possible ordinary and everyday relationships, provided that you do not encounter and disturb others. We perceive nudity as an expression of the most authentic and natural one can be. We want to promote a culture where nudity is free, natural and neutral. We distance ourselves from nudity where you do not take into account others or even seek to pervert or show off.

- then throw away the clothes.

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