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This section is about naturism, both in Denmark but also about naturism in Thailand. I would say that either you are a naturist or you are not. There is no "both and" I am a naturist. In many countries, any form of naturism is prohibited, something I personally find ridiculous. Fortunately, this is not the case here in Denmark, but Islam's presence in the country unfortunately puts it under pressure.

There are many who do not know what to do here in Denmark, and if you are one of those who think, "can I do that?" - in this section you can find information on the subject, because you can do much more at sea and beach than you think. Many people have quite a strange relationship with being a naturist, that it is not normal, but it is actually the other way around, the natural we have turned our backs, and put on clothes even in situations where no clothes are the most natural. Most people take a bath under the shower or in the bathtub without clothes, and everything else will seem completely foolish. So why is it that most people would not go for a swim in the sea without clothes?

Personally, I am very open about my relationship with naturism, and I let you get very close to me on these pages with over 100 nude and naturist pictures

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