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Our house in Bangkok

This page contains pictures from our house in Bangkok. The pictures are divided into 6 albums which are selected from this front page. There are pictures all the way back from when we filled up the plot and the construction itself. The other albums contain pictures from the garden, the house seen from the outside, from the inside, the pool area and a little about the technical. The pictures have been updated in the year 2021

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Our house in Bangkok by night

The house from the outside

This album contains pictures of the house as it looks from the outside today. It has been continuously painted so it still looks nice.

The album contains 13 photos.

Our house - inside

The house seen from the inside

This album contains pictures of the house as it looks from the inside. Not much has happened here in the last few years as well as the exterior, so some pictures are of older date.

The album contains 20 photos.

Our garden


Originally, the garden was planted with palm trees, but the last plot stood empty for some years. Only in the year 2019 were a number of fruit trees, orange, mango litchi and shrubs and cacti planted.

The album contains 13 photos.

Our pool on second floor

Pool and balcony

Pool and balcony area consists of a pool on the 2nd floor, measures 8x4 meters, the balcony area is approx. 40 m². In 2017, an outdoor kitchen was made here, and in 2021, the balcony was covered.

The album contains 7 photos.

Filter and pump for the pool

Technical rooms

The engineering room is located under the pool. Here you will find a pump and filter system for the pool. The water system is made to Danish standard with PEX hoses. Both cold and hot water have been carried around the house.

The album contains 7 photos.

Our pavilion under constructio


This album contains images from the behavior. We bought the plot in 2004 where it was filled up. The house was built in two rounds, the first part started in 2005 and finished in 2006. The extension (Pavilion) started in 2009 and finished in 2010.

The album contains 85 photos.

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