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Information about Thailand

The Thai flag

Time zone:
GMT + 7. This means that in winter they are 6 hours in front of Denmark, but only 5 hours in the summer.

514.000 Km

Number of inhabitants:
Ca. 69 million (2020). The growth has stagnated a little since the mid 80's

Thai (80%), Chinese people (10%), Malaysian (7%), Other minorities (7%)

Buddhism (95%), Muslims (4%), others (1%)

Bangkok (Krung Thep)

Bath (Thb) and Krone is in 2021 almost 5 Thb. Throughout 2014, Bath has been strengthened vis--vis the Crown.


There are no compulsory vaccinations on entry to Thailand, but depending on where the journey is, it is recommended for certain persons to be vaccinated. Ask your own doctor.


The visa rules are changed regularly, so it is recommended that you check the Embassy's website.

Normally, a person with a Danish passport can stay in the country without a visa for max. 30 days, upon entry from e.g. Denmark. If you travel in from a neighboring country, however, this is only 14 days. It costs a fine of 500 Thb for every day you stay in the country beyond what is allowed, and in the event of major exceedances, you may risk being unwanted in the country for many years.


Thailand, like other countries, was hit by Covid19 and chose to shut down the country completely in March 2020. From having about 40 million tourists a year, that number dropped to a few thousand, now mostly permanent pensioners. The country was partially opened at the end of 2020, I start only for selected groups. Access to the land is given to man dog only if man wants to spend 14 days in a self-paid quarantine as well as certain other restrictions.

In the year 2021, the country is trying to open up a little more, but only for those who have been "vaccinated". On July 1, 2021, Phuket will be open to fully vaccinated visitors, but they will not be able to leave the island for the first 14 days and will have to pass 3 tests in order to leave the island. They can only stay at one of the selected hotels - SHA or SHA+

These planers can change dramatically if changes in infection rate occur. It also worked on an opening of Samui and other tourist sites.

Below I have a picture which shows the total requirements to be allowed to enter.

As a traveler in Thailand, you should be aware that there may be areas that are closed down, and a number of tourist attractions have been closed since April 2021.

Foreign Ministry

It is always recommended that you read the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website before departure so that you are updated on the security situation in the country. After the end of the country, the coup of the military has been quiet down there, but it can change quickly.

Danes traveling to or staying in Thailand are invited regardless of the duration of the stay to register on the Danish List, which is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's offer to Danes who are staying abroad for contact in case of crisis situations. Partly, something can happen in Denmark that requires the authorities to get hold of you, but there may also be something in Thailand where the authorities will only know if everything is well. We saw that for example. In 2004, when a tsunami ravaged south of Phuket.


You must always have an ID so that you can identify with the police. A copy of passport is usually enough. In 2014, there are several examples of people attending the police station as they did not have an ID.

When changing money and lodging at a hotel, passports must always be displayed, so keep in mind that it is always a good idea. But, beware, it will not be stolen and never transfer it to 3rd party. NEVER!


Employees at the hotel and restaurants are usually poorly paid, so think about whether you will give them some tips. At a restaurant, bill will always be in a cover, and exchanges or credit cards will be returned in the same cover. The gratuities left in the cover are shared, so if you want to give them to the waiter, then it's always something you go directly.