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The resort is completely closed to curious eyes from the outside. This is the old department. It is still used, but it is now secondary to the resort.

This is from the old department, and even in the evening, there are cozy deckchairs for relaxing

This is how you looked in the corner by the old and quite small pool. The Garden Pallivion has disappeared, so this is just a memory.

The old pool which is now used by only a few people.

Gregers Møller (owner) with a guest from the Philippines.

In 2017, Bare Feet was expanded. Among other things, a new and larger pool. Inside, there is a living room and kitchen. Upstairs there is a sun-balcony

The new pool is the heart of the resort.

Behind the pool there is a lovely living area, open to the pool. There is a little Danish over the furniture, but the owner is also Danish.

The resort has a sauna which is usually switched on, not like other places where you have to ask if you can use the sauna.

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