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My Resorts and Hotels

Here is my list of resorts and hotels that I have visited over the years. At the top you will find a Google map where you can find information about the different places. In the menu you can choose between the 3 areas into which they are divided, Bangkok and surroundings, northern Thailand and southern Thailand.

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Recall Isaan Isan Concept by Khaoyai

Recall Isaan Isan Concept at Khaoyai is a hotel complex in Isaan where they try to stick to the style of Isaan. The hotel has breakfast included, and dinner may be included. A pool belongs to the hotel.

The hotel caters mostly to Thais, the food served is classic Isaan food and there is no menu for westerners. The rooms are nice and a lot has been made of the surroundings

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UD Residence

UD Residence is centrally located in the city, so if you are looking for a cheap hotel for a couple of nights, then it's ok. In addition, there are not many stars for the hotel. Only a few of the rooms have something resembling a balcony, either facing the street, or to the rear. There is no possibility of breakfast, but directly opposite is The Good Corner, a Danish restaurant.

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A hobbit hous at hotel Yoko

Yoko resort hotel

About 50 Km west of Kanchanaburi is this resort. It is a resort located down the river Kwai, and it consists of a whole host of different rooms, some resembling "hobbit" houses, others in a European style. There is a swimming pool on site, but also a larger collection of everything that the owner has collected over many years. It is worth a visit if you are on these edges.

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In Sangkhlaburi lies this place - Samprasob. It is on the north side of the city, overlooking the famous bridge " Mon Bridge " The hotel is on a steep hillside and there are rooms spread throughout the area. It seems a little unstructured, but it may be due purchase of neighboring properties. We are far to the north where there are not so many tourists And it testifies to the standard. The price is at the low end, but the view is 5-star. If you want to visit Sangkhlaburi, then the hotel is the best choice geographically.

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River Kwai Village

River Kwai Village 50 Km north west of Kanchanaburi. It is an older hotel that has been expanded many times, most recently around 2015 with a brand new department in the southernmost corner. This section has its own pool and separate from the old section of the parking lot. It is a hotel with several hundred beds, but can still be fully booked in the high season. There are often Russians or Chinese who book the entire hotel. If the hotel is filled with Russians and Chinese, then it is also a noisy noise for most people. It is best to visit it outside of high season.

The rooms have been continuously refurbished, so the whole complex today is quite modern.

The r

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R S Kanchenaburi

40 km south of Prachuap Khiri Khan you will find this magnificent resort. It consists of quite large houses located with great distance between, and a large pool there is the center. It is located directly down to a lovely beach. Prismę Kanchenaburi you will find this hotel. It is a smaller hotel on 6 floors. To the place there is an excellent restaurant. It is close to the railroad where we have "Bridge over Kwai" Pricely it's in the cheap end - 1,500 Thb for a room (2014) It's located at the expensive end with prices starting at 3,900 to 33,900 Thb (2014 )

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Hup Patad Home Stay

In this corner of the country there are not many accommodations, and those that are located are often remote. This home-stay, as they call it, is no exception. There are 7 rooms which are actually quite good, considering the price. The price for a single room was in 2017 Thb 1,200. A double room costed in July 2017 Thb 2,000 incl. Breakfast, although lacked both bread and juice.

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Doem Bang Villa

50 km north of Suphan Buri and 33 Km west of Sing Buri you will find this resort. It is named after a small town by the same name - Doem Bang. Pricing is the middle end, more options from single room to room to 2 families. On these edges there are not many resorts to choose from and they are very spread out. This is located right down to the river Tha Chin, which ends in the Bangkok Bay of Samut Sakhon. The place is lovely quiet.

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Ban Rim Kwai

Ban Rim Kwai is located on the southern side of the river, and take the train, you have to get off at Tham Kra Sae. It is one of the last railway stations before Nam Tok, from which the railway did not go anymore, it is, however, extended to drive up to Sai Yok. It is recommended that you book the place because even though it is large, it is often full weekends on weekends. The residence has many kinds of houses, ranging from the floodlights to VIP rooms, and the price range is also huge.

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