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Down by the water are some of the hotel's oldest rooms. It is houseboats anchored below the hotel. It's not too bad going.

A look up from the gangway up to the hotel. It's a long way up. Today, all boats and landing bridges have moved 100 meters south

Here I am on board one of the houseboats. It is quite nice to be here. The river runs past with a rather heavy current.

The eastern part is on a slope with a steep cliff. Here, a smaller garden has been built

Today there are 3 swimming pools for the hotel. This is the Northern, mostly for children. It was in early 2019 during renovation.

This is taken from the parking lot. Below were the houseboats until 2017/18 where they were moved a little south.

This is from the new section in the southern part. Here is your own pool and a small area to relax in.

I restaurant afdelingen er der denne "Jungle Pub". Den er kun åben om aftenen, og der er rygning forbudt som det ses. Sjældent har jeg været i et rum der stank så kraftigt af tobaksrøg. Skiltene gælder selvfølgelig ikke for russere...

To the south, this building is used for various outdoor activities when guests are in large teams

The pool with the residence building in the background

A look down over the new pool to the sourth. It is split up with a children's basin and one for adults.

The roof over the new living area is very large and high ceilings. There is not much protection for rain if it also blows just a little.

6 sunbeds are not many when you consider how many rooms this section has. It is almost only a kind of exhibition.

View of the river. Here the houseboats are now moved to

The reception is behind the sign here. It's taken on the parking lot.

In the northern corner is some of the older ones, but it has been renovated in recent times so the rooms are up to date. To each room there is a small balcony facing the river.

The room with the possibility of opening a door to a neighboring room.

The reception is characterized by the fact that the hotel is of an older date. These furniture cut out of the roots of old teak trees would hardly be purchased today.

Here is the decline to the floating department. The boats have moved about 100 meters south in 2017/18, and are now below the new hotel section.

This is the new path across to the floating rooms. It is nicely made and it gives the boats a more discreet location.

The floating rooms are some of the hotel's most expensive today. For years back it was the cheapest. They are seen here by their new place.

The hotel restaurant. This is the covered one, to the left is an open part.

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