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This is the view from one of the VIP apartments. Below is the River Kwai overlooking the part of "Death Rail" which is the most spectacular.

The residence also offers floating accommodation. It's not luxury, but there is a toilet in the room.

Here you can see the train on the other side of the river. On this part of the line the train does not go any more than you can go behind the train and nevertheless follow it.

This is the old reception, but it is no longer used. As it can be seen, there is a good distance from the river and up to the reception, but no more than there have been floods a couple of times when the Khao Lem Reservoir is full and it opens to the locks.

Her ses det tydeligt hvorfor toget ikke kører hurtigere på denne strækning. Banen er klistret op ad bjerget på teaktræs pæle.

When there are many guests this weekend, the hotel arranges these trips on bamboo rafts. You are sailed up the river, and then let it run again. Here it is to hold on, because the power is very powerful.

Then we are ready to jump in the water.

So everyone in the water is ready to float back to the hotel.

From the new reception there is a beautiful view over the park with the mountains in the background.

This is the new reception and restaurant that is built higher up. It also features a very large banquet hall

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