Farm Chockchai

About 160 Km north of Bangkok (east of Sara Buri) is Thailand's largest privately owned farm. The farm was originally started as a farm with cattle, but today the operation has moved from meat cattle to dairy production and a tourist attraction. The founder was educated in the United States, and from here he brought the ideas to this strange mixture where one moment thinks he has come to Texas. The tour starts with a video lecture about the farm, after which you will be on a small tour to see how cows are milked. Most of you have probably seen it before, but it's definitely not the city's residents in Bangkok.

The trip goes on to the dairy where the milk is being processed. After this tour, you drive to the fields where you see the cows lying in large lumps, separated by fences. The tour ends in an area where lassokast shows, bullfighting, etc.

In addition to milk production, the farm supplies ice and meat. Meat production is minimal, but the good steaks can of course be bought at a restaurant adjacent to the farm, and at a restaurant in Bangkok.

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