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My sauna in the backyard

When I removed the fish pond in the summer of 2011, and on the spot made a new wooden covered terrace, the idea came across in the summer that there was room for the sauna we had been talking about for several years.

Roslev unloads building materials for the new sauna

It was measured and drawn up in the spring of 2012. On 9 May 2012 Roslev came with a truck full of construction materials, and the next few months there were materials throughout the garden.

Building materials for the sauna

Delivery of materials with crane directly into the garden. The tree was packed and laid on lips and covered by rain and sludge. The entire terrace was full of materials, as well as a bench in the garden.

The plinth for the sauna is now buried in the ground

On May 9, the 15 poles to the foundation were dug into the ground, and the construction could begin. Some years ago, some trees had been on the spot, and a few roots should be removed even before the piles could be dug into the ground.

The skeleton for the sauna has been erected

On the 17th of May the sauna is now taking shape. The skeleton has risen, and it´s time to start putting pages and building the building.

Outerwear is set up in the sauna

At one end there is a small window facing the closed part of the garden. Then the floor is being laid. There is a wire mesh bottom, so pests can not get into the insulation. This is now 14 days after the first spray tip.The unilateral roof slope was the only option, as the building should not be more than 2.5 meters high 2.5 meters from the shell

There is wind support behind the outer covering

The sauna is insulated all around, exterior covered with Russian leather wood, and inside with spruce and firwood. Inside, do not paint or otherwise impregnate, as it will give vapor when the cooking room is heated.

Sunane is fired for the first time

At the end of July, the room was ready and the sauna oven was purchased, a Harvia wood-burning stove of 13Kw. The oven has proven to be far better and cheaper in use than a traditional electric sauna stove. On August 10, it was almost finished, only a few stainless steel plates were missing to cover the firewall boards.

The sauna thermometer showed 94 degrees

The sauna was ready to be tested and it turned on. The first time it should be heated with open door as paint in the chamber could give off steam. The temperature was set to 95 degrees this evening, the highest level so far. 80 degrees is far more ideal. Then the heating is in progress, and both the stove and the oven are red-hot for a short while. As soon as the stones were laid in the oven, the temperature fell quite quickly. The temperature ended at 95 degrees. The only way to control the temperature is by adjusting the amount of wood, or closing the door.

Below are a bunch of pictures of the finished result now 3 months after the first spade strike.

The finished sauna from the outside

The sauna is seen from the front. There was just room for it between two beech trees. The front lamps are the old ones who had been standing at the fish pond since 1987. They have been completely renovated and can last again 25 years.

The sauna seen from the east

The sauna set from the east side. There is a weather station installed on the roof.

The sauna oven, a Harvia is on, the sauna is in use

The sauna is lit for the 12th time.

3 cm. thick fire plaster with a stainless steel plate as cover

To keep the heat away from the wood floor as well as the wall, 3 cm is placed. Thick fire plaster with a stainless steel plate as a cover. Cut and welded in the corners. On the left there is a box for fuel.

LED lighting behind wooden panels

The room has 3 benches (originally only 2). The benches can easily be removed to provide space for garden furniture during the time of the year we stay in Thailand. The legs are mounted on strong hinges so that they can be fully engaged. In the wall there is a cupboard for oils etc., and a window facing the garden, which also serves as escape route. There is usually a shutter for the window.

LED light is mounted in the sauna which can be adjusted both in strength and color. The picture is from 2020.

Maybe Herning's finest wood-fired sauna ...

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