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Growing up
I was born on July 21, 1954 in Pedersker on Bornholm, where we lived at the school when my father was another teacher. After 5-6 years, some in the parent council wanted to push the first teacher out and instead have my father installed, but he chose to apply for another job as a first teacher in Ilskov, something he was completely unfit for, but time would tell. We lived in Pedersker until around 1960, when we moved to Ilskov - approx. 9 miles north of Herning. Here, too, we lived at the school, and the school with the courtyard and ball fields became, for better or worse, my playground for the next many years.

The year after, I was to start school, but what I did not know at the time was that my life for the next 10 years would be plagued by my classmates. I was a very small splice, and pretty quickly I became the preferred victim of bullying for some pieces in my class, but also others, e.g. the blacksmith's boy, who was a year younger, they all think it was funny that he could beat someone who was a year older.

All the teachers as well as my father knew about it, but no one did anything to stop it. My mother could see it from the windows to the courtyard when we lived at the school. Later I realized that my father was the "king" and no one should come and learn anything from him, not even my little reluctant mother. That was almost how one should mature, he thought.

The relationship with my father has not always been good, and for long periods I only saw him a couple of times a year, for several reasons. He was law-abiding, and no one could or should teach him anything, a funny attitude when one is a teacher. As a school superintendent, he was not shy about swinging the cane, either at school or at home, something that in 1982 cost him the job. He was in charge of raising me and my big brother, my mother took care of our little brother. Both me and my big brother had to put body to both the cane and his waistband, and of course it happened with the pants down. Why we should take off my pants was not something I thought about at the time, I almost assumed it was for it to hurt me the most, which it did. This is something I very conveniently had "forgotten" all about until a few years ago.

My older brother moved away from home back in 1979, when he was 17 years old. He first got an apprenticeship as a carpenter, but he gave up and then came to Horsens where he was going to a vocational school. He quickly dropped out and started trading in all sorts of old tires and smuggled cigarettes from Poland. At one point, he moved with an older guy in Aarhus, something our father could not accept at all, and he was formally forbidden to come home. His son could not be gay, something that resounded hollow, because when I cleaned up after his death and found that he had animal sex as an area of ​​interest, his computer spoke a clear language. On October 31, 1979, however, he came home anyway, just to say goodbye. I did not understand at the time why, but I found out a few days later. He hung himself in the attic in Aarhus where he had an apartment.

At a time when I was in 6th grade, I asked my father that I could come to the neighboring school - Sunds municipal school. It could not be discussed. It's something I later in life have asked him why, but he would not answer me, a few years later he died, but I did realize that he thought his honor would suffer harm. After 7th grade, most of us went on to 8th and 9th grade in Sunds Kommuneskole, and my tormenting spirits followed, so I got another 3 years of horror to feel. At the new school, Spanggård's (school inspector) incompetent son had a temporary job as a teacher, and he also had to play with me when I had to be beaten. I told my parents that, and my mother forced my father to contact Spanggård. The next day, his son was no longer to be found at school. It was the first time I got some support.

The time was approaching where I was going to graduate in 9th grade, but the subject sport was a subject I had not participated in very much in the two years that had passed. The reason was quite simple, I was very small and had not yet reached puberty, and the bullying would never end when I stood there in the shower with a small hairless boys cock while all the others had long ago got hair on the cock. Our gymnastics teacher - Svendsen, who was also a maths and maths teacher, told me that I had to do something before the exam, among other things. a run of 100 meters for a certain time, otherwise I would dump. I managed that, and then there were a couple of other disciplines - shot put. Here the janitor's son managed to throw a 1-2 Kg heavy bullet at me, he hit and smashed my right hand. No one did or said anything, even though it was clearly a proven act, as the bullet had been thrown at me and not at the sand pit.

I was literally the best in the class, and when the school year was over it was my name that was mentioned after the diploma had been handed out. The school's diligence prize was now to be awarded. It was an encyclopedia and my name is in it. It was more than a Flemming Hansen could accept, a good friend since we moved to Ilskov. I have only seen him once since then, at the recycling site in Herning. My contempt for you I can not describe Flemming. I had now finished the Technical Preparation Exam, a new mathematical line. After the summer holidays, I started in the 10th grade, and here I had to finish the Extended Technical Preparation Exam. My psychopathic tormenting spirits were partly gone, yet the caretaker's son was still to be found in a parallel class. One day he was after me again, I was going to go down and kiss the asphalt. That day I manage to grab him, dance a few times around myself with him on my back and chill him through a large window. I had hoped he was seriously injured but he was lucky even though he hit 2 layers of glass. You must know that I really had hoped I could hurt you.

In the summer of 1961 or 1962 we were on holiday at Blokhus, the following years in various places in Denmark. Then it became a series of trips in Europe as well as Morocco in 1969. When they went to the moon in 1969 we were in the Sahara. I had sand from the Sahara, fine red sand, but no one believed we had been there, you could not, so it became a breeding ground for further bullying.

We lived for 12 years in Ilskov, the school's residence, until 1972, when we moved to Tjørring. Since then, no one has lived in this service home, and it is now used for changing purposes. As a 21-year-old I moved away from home, and the first few years I lived in Gullestrup. In 1979 I bought a terraced house in Ikast, where I lived until 1981, when I moved to Herning in an older townhouse later known as "The little house". Some years ago, the house, along with some others, was demolished, and instead some older homes are now built. In 1984 I built the house here in Gjellerup, and here I still live with my wife - Apisada. Apisada I married in 2002, and the following year Angelina was born. She moved away from home in the spring of 2022.

In the 80s I traveled especially in Greece, but in the 90s it was replaced by Yugoslavia, but then came the war. In the first year of the war, I sailed from Italy to Slovenia and further down the coast to Croatia. Travel to Croatia resumed in 1995, and in the years up to 2000 I drove partly to Croatia, but also around other Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Most times I drove to naturist campsites in northern Croatia and down to Zadar. In the 1990s, I was in Thailand quite a few times, and after the wedding in 2002, we built a house in Bangkok. This construction took place in the years 2005-2009. I now live here most of the year.

In 1990, I bought myself a small motorboat, a boat I had until 2016. It became a part of my life for many years. You can read more about it on the Kon-Tiki page. Unfortunately, the boat was not an interest my wife shared, and in 2016 it was sold.

Nudism & sex
As many years back as I can remember, I have been attracted to nudism, or naturism as it is also called. Many people associate sex with nudism, but nothing could be more wrong. The only similarity is that one is naked in both cases. Most people have a somewhat awkward relationship with being naked, it is something you do not talk about, the worst is outside Europe, but it is actually quite normal, as no people are born with clothes.

Either you are a nudist or you are not. I am nudist with big "N" and I have no problem showing myself naked as our master has created me. In the 90's I often came to Croatia, where I was always on the nudist beaches, sometimes also on nudist campsites. I threw the clothes on arrival at the campsite and did not see it until I drove home 2-3 weeks later. In the boat, however, I always had a pair of shorts lying around, something I had to wear on the times when I sailed over to the town of Krk to shop and refuel on the boat. Unfortunately, my various partners throughout life have not always shared the same passion for nudism, and the trip to Krk in 2004 was the last time I came here. When I had the house built in Bangkok a few years later, Thailand became my new favorite place to holiday, and over time I have found places and people who practice nudism.

This website also deals with this page of my life, and I have several pages about nudism, i.a. a beach guide.

I left school in 1971 after taking the extended technical preparation exam. This line in the school existed only for quite a few years, and today it is not known by many. It was an intermediate between a real exam and the usual 8-10 class. I then got an apprenticeship as a radio mechanic in Sunds Radio & TV v / Kaj Hansen, where I was until 1976. The same year I served my military service at the CF barracks in Herning, but had some work next door. For a couple of years I still worked as a radio mechanic, in the Hi-Fi Center in Herning, until I changed jobs in 1980. I was now behind the counter to sell the equipment.

A few years later, in 1982, I also got a job with the insurance company Alm. Fire. The work consisted of outreach sales of private insurance, and for the next 4 years the foundation for my work in the insurance industry was laid. In 1986, I came to Eurodan House as a sales consultant, where I was until 1988. At that time, the construction industry was in crisis again, and I chose to find another job. The choice then fell back to the insurance industry, where I was employed by Plansikring. Later, this company was taken over by the German company Provinzial in Kiel, and the name was later changed to Provinzial Denmark. In the following years I studied at the Insurance Academy in Rungsted. This exam was in house on April 24, 1992. It was 13½ good years until the company was taken over by Alm. Brand, and I was back in the company where I started. The party was over, especially when the person responsible for the transfer of Provinzial Denmark was not someone you could trust over a doorstep.

On October 1, 2001, I started at Topdanmark. The first years were really good, but as the years went by, the tone became more and more shrill. The sales management had not yet discovered that no trees grow into the sky, and instead of caring for the customers and employees one has, they now became indifferent to both employees and customers. I was here until May 2009, when I retired a little involuntarily, but later I realized that I had left that job at just the right time, as a few years later they began a regular pat hunt on the private insurers. The goal was that they themselves chose to resign, and today they do not have private insurers. It became my last job in the job market.

National pensioner
In July 2019, I turned 65, and should be entitled to a national pension. That's just not quite the case. I probably became a pensioner, but at my own expense. The state had changed the rules for when I could get money for it, the country should preferably be able to afford homeless and labor-shy migrants from the Middle East and Ivory Coast, I have to find myself in that. I often stay in Bangkok, where I enjoy my little garden and otherwise enjoy the good weather on the balcony.


Below is a very old quote that I found many years ago. The boring is just that it still applies 2000 years later.

We worked hard, but every time we began to work, new plans for reorganization were launched. I learned later in life that we are inclined to meet any new situation through reorganization. And I also learned what wonderful method this is to create illusion of progress, while it actually causes chaos, inefficiency, and demoralization.

(Cajus was Roman official under Emperor Nero, and died in 66 AD.)

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